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WIPS 1 by Anony-Mus WIPS 1 by Anony-Mus
^^'' sooo many of them!! and so many of them need backgrounds! ok soo... Let's see... Going from left to right...

Left: Two guys on the roof of a school, specifically two of my characters. ( mine and a friends really) Sabbath (the read head) and Chion (the black haired one) ^^' They were originally school boys but they've upgraded so I wanted to put them in one of their original places ^^' (Base: [link] )

Pink Haired Girl: The first one it just a mini version of the bigger one i plan to eventually finish... T-T But the tree is taking forever so I may not add that one in the bigger one ^^'' Anyway the bigger version of her (the one with the extra chibi) was inspired by alice in wonderland and candy land XD Sooo...I still have to finish the cheshire cat...the naked one >.> add a queen of hearts and a white rabbit.... I was going to make a clock tower in the backgroun and candy land all around them....sooo ^^'' looottss of work! (Base: [link] )

The two girls and a heart: This one wasn't even supposed to exist XD but I wanted to help a friend with pixeling her hair...sadly she has no patience for it soo I ended up with this :D I thought it was cute so I'll try to hurry and finish it! ( Base: [link] )

The twins: Even though they don't look like it they are! Again this is another set of my character (Zane and Lawry XD) they've developed and changed and I thought well hey :3 why not draw them in a uniform! :3 sooo this is what i got so far...I still gotta add lawry's bag give them a background and a tie ^^' ( base: [link] )

Biggest Base: ^^' heh.... Bows...that's all that needed to be said...I wanted to do something strage and I may still change her dress into a shirt and booty shorts but iiidddkk haha you maybe ya'll can help!! ( base: [link] )
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January 16, 2013
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